Rumpl Blanket Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket for Travel and Camping

Rumpl Blanket Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket for Travel and Camping

Rumpl Blanket Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket for Travel and Camping

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The Rumpl Blanket is being reviewed as the go-to puffy blanket for travel and camping. TravelFreak is able to provide this content for free thanks to the support of its readers. By using affiliate links on this website, if you buy something through these links, TravelFreak may receive a commission without any additional cost to you. However, this does not influence the recommendations or evaluations made by TravelFreak. Your support is greatly appreciated in helping TravelFreak fulfill its mission.

During my childhood camping trips, I have vivid memories of my parents always carrying an old REI fleece blanket in a deep green color. Throughout the years, this blanket encountered various experiences such as being used during picnics on muddy paths, providing shelter during hail storms, and even getting burned by embers from the campfire.

Since the creation of that blanket, there have been significant advancements in technology, materials, and design. However, this blanket holds a special place in my heart due to the countless memories I have associated with it. It has accompanied me on every adventure, never failing to be by my side

An excellent blanket for outdoor use should be able to provide warmth, be easily foldable, long-lasting, and simple to maintain cleanliness. The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket was specifically created with advanced technical materials and construction techniques commonly used in the outdoor gear industry to create the perfect blanket for everyday use.

To evaluate this puffy blanket, I decided to bring it with me on various outdoor expeditions. I thoroughly tested it by using it during activities like snowshoeing and relaxed ski touring in the Wasatch Mountain Range, as well as winter camping trips in red rock deserts. This allowed me to truly assess its performance in different environments and conditions.

In this review of the Rumpl Blanket, I will provide my sincere thoughts on this cozy blanket after using it in real-life situations. I will explain its strengths, weaknesses, and determine if it is worth buying for your upcoming outdoor trip.

Initial thoughts on the Rumpl Blanket were positive as I removed it from its packaging. The smoothness of the woven polyester face fabric was immediately noticeable, as it felt silky and had very little friction when touched. The fabric reminded me of the material used in modern down sleeping bags, which is understandable considering that these blankets are designed to incorporate elements from high-performance outdoor gear.

The blanket was neatly packed in its own storage bag, which had the same design as the blanket itself. It's important to remember that it's unlikely that you'll be able to roll it up as neatly as it was when you first received it. In my experience, it's much simpler to just stuff it directly into the bag without bothering to fold or roll it.

The Rumpl Blanket is specifically designed for outdoor use, such as camping, picnics, and concerts. Its design caters to these activities, and it stands out in providing a warm, water-resistant, and easily packable blanket that is also long-lasting and simple to clean.

This blanket may not be suitable for everyone's preference and some individuals might struggle with the idea of spending a significant amount on a basic blanket. However, this blanket is primarily designed for individuals seeking a higher quality option compared to a regular picnic blanket, and one that can withstand outdoor use.



Who is Rumpl?

Rumpl is a company that was founded with the purpose of creating blankets for everyday adventures by incorporating the technical materials and designs used in outdoor gear. According to them, the idea for this venture originated when the founders found themselves stuck in their van during a ski and surf trip and had to rely on their sleeping bags to keep warm until assistance arrived.

The concept of a "sleeping bag blanket" was born from this particular experience. The blanket is created using advanced materials commonly found in outdoor gear, and its design is specifically tailored for regular, everyday use.

Established in 2014, Rumpl is dedicated to introducing superior blankets to the global market through the use of advanced materials and creative design. The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket has emerged as their most popular and sought-after item.

I appreciate how this brand is dedicated to sustainability and minimizing their negative impact on the environment. The production of outdoor gear often harms the very places we enjoy exploring. Many brands are now realizing this contradiction and are making efforts to reduce waste and increase transparency in their business practices.

Rumpl contributes 1% of their total earnings (excluding profit) to environmental non-profit organizations. Additionally, in 2019, they completely redesigned their entire range of products to be made solely from 100% recycled materials.

In evaluating the performance of the Original Puffy Blanket, it is crucial to remember its intended purpose. This blanket is specifically created to be a practical everyday blanket for outdoor activities, utilizing advanced materials.

This product falls in the middle ground between an extremely cozy throw blanket for your couch and an ultra-light backpacking quilt for wilderness excursions. It is most suitable for relaxed outdoor activities.

I have discovered that this blanket is perfect to keep in the car, making it readily available for various activities such as picnics, car camping, outdoor concerts, or simply as an additional layer for chilly morning drives.

The blanket is constructed using a 30-denier ripstop polyester for its outer shell. This material is used on both sides of the blanket and is comparable to the fabric commonly found in contemporary sleeping bags. It is a thin, smooth, and lightweight material.

The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket has a shell that contains a type of insulation called hollow-fiber synthetic insulation, which provides warmth. Although synthetic insulation is not as lightweight or easy to pack as down, it has the advantage of performing better when it comes into contact with moisture and is also more affordable. However, if you prefer the lightweight performance of down fill, Rumpl does offer a down puffy blanket, although it comes at a higher price point, being twice as expensive.

According to Rumpl, they use recycled materials for both the outer shell and insulation of their blankets. They claim that the one-person blanket is made from 60 water bottles, while the two-person size requires 100. As someone who prioritizes purchasing items made from recycled or sustainable materials, I am pleased to see these eco-friendly components in this blanket.

The Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket offers a great variety of colors and designs, which is one of the aspects I really love about it. It's amazing how much time you can spend browsing through all the fantastic design options.

Finding a blanket that suits your personal style is a simple task, as there are various options available. You can opt for a blanket featuring a one-of-a-kind artwork, a bold design that catches attention, or a more subtle solid color.

I have a blanket that is meant for one person, and it has the design of Zion National Park on it. The blanket has a complete print of an artist's interpretation of Zion Canyon on one side. Being from Utah myself, this blanket gives me a sense of familiarity and reminds me of home no matter where I am.


I have been trying out this cozy blanket in the winter months in northern Utah. I mainly use it when I go snowshoeing or skiing in the beautiful Wasatch mountains. It's the first time I've brought a blanket with me on winter mountain adventures, and I absolutely enjoy spreading it out on the snowy ground. It's perfect for taking a break, removing my boots, and savoring a warm lunch along with a hot drink.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this blanket in keeping you insulated from the cold snow or ground beneath you.

When it comes to sleeping outside, this blanket is not designed to be a substitute for a proper sleeping bag when camping in high altitudes or colder temperatures. However, it is sufficient to provide warmth during a summer camping trip.

In terms of comfort, I believe this blanket is worth recommending. It has a smooth texture that feels pleasant against the skin and is also very lightweight. Although it may not be as luxuriously soft as a minky throw blanket, that's actually a good thing. Fluffy blankets tend to attract dirt easily and would not be suitable for outdoor use as they would become dirty quickly.

In my opinion, I enjoy the sleek and smooth feeling of the fabric, similar to a sleeping bag. However, if I become too warm, it can start to feel sticky. For certain individuals, the fabric might be too slippery or have a plasticky texture, which may not be ideal for using at home.

I have been using the Original Puffy Blanket for a few months and although it is still too early to provide a comprehensive analysis of its long-term durability, I have extensively tested its resilience through various activities.

The fabric used in this product is made of 30-denier ripstop polyester, which feels very smooth and effectively prevents snags from occurring on rocks or bushes. Despite its thin and lightweight nature, the fabric has demonstrated remarkable durability and has not shown any signs of wear thus far. As someone who tends to be rough on gear, I have even used this fabric as a picnic blanket on rough and rocky surfaces, and it has held up well. This is a promising indication of its quality.

There are a few things to be cautious of when using this camping blanket, such as sparks from a campfire, spines from cacti, and the urge to use it as a sled. The material of the blanket is not very durable and can easily tear if it gets snagged on something sharp. However, if you manage to avoid these risks, I believe that the camping blanket will remain in good condition for a considerable period of time.

If there happens to be a tear or hole in the material, you can easily fix it by using a piece of Tenacious Tape.

I appreciate how Rumpl has put a lot of thought into the design of their puffy blanket, making it highly functional and easy to use. It's impressive to see the same level of attention to detail typically found in high-end adventure gear applied to a product meant for everyday use.

The standout feature of this camping blanket is the cape clip, which allows you to fasten the blanket around yourself while still having the freedom to use your hands. This is particularly useful for staying warm and comfortable while preparing meals or simply relaxing on cool nights during a camping excursion.

This is the process of how it operates. The blanket has two attachment points on one of its long edges. These attachment points consist of a piece of webbing with two small buckles and a small webbing loop. To use the blanket, you simply drape it over your shoulders, insert one of the buckles through the loop, and then fasten the buckles together.

After arranging it properly, this configuration functions exceptionally. By fastening the blanket around your shoulders, you are able to perform tasks such as preparing breakfast, enjoying a cup of coffee, or tending to a campfire without having to use your hands.

The puffy blanket is coated with a DWR treatment on its outer shell. It is important to note that the blanket is not entirely waterproof. The DWR treatment helps repel water to some extent, such as splashes or brief encounters with rain (it will provide protection while running from your tent to your car), but if you place it on a puddle, it will absorb the water.

The fabric of the blanket is made of a smooth polyester material and has undergone a DWR treatment, which not only makes it resistant to stains but also makes it convenient to clean. If the blanket gets dirty, it can be easily brushed or wiped clean, removing anything from trail dust to pet hair.

The blanket has small loops made of paracord sewn into the edges at each corner. According to Rumpl, these loops are designed to allow you to secure the corners of your blanket. Initially, I thought this feature was just a marketing ploy, but during a recent trip, I had to chase after the blanket when a strong wind pulled it across a frozen lake. As a result, I am now reconsidering the usefulness of these corner loops.

Will I carry tent stakes with me for every picnic in the future? Most likely not, but I do admire the careful consideration given to the design.

Rumpl provides the Original Puffy Blanket in three varying sizes: junior, single-person, and double-person.


I have discovered that the single-person size of this item is highly adaptable and ideal for various activities. It can comfortably accommodate two individuals who can either sit or lie on it, providing full coverage and warmth for one person.

It is important to mention that although these fluffy blankets can be packed into their own storage bag, they do not compress as much as I anticipated. Therefore, if you plan on bringing one with you on a hike, be prepared for it to occupy a significant amount of space in your backpack.

The one-person blanket weighs only 2.1 lbs, making it a lightweight option that won't add extra weight during a day hike. However, it is slightly heavier compared to ultralight down sleeping bags and quilts. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase the down version, which is more expensive but provides nearly a pound of weight savings.

If you need a sleeping quilt for your backpacking trips, I suggest opting for a lighter and more compact option such as an ultralight quilt.

There are numerous excellent camping blankets available in the market, and Rumpl blankets are relatively expensive compared to others. If you are seeking more affordable options or want to explore alternatives, here are my recommended choices as substitutes for Rumpl blankets.

The REI Co-Op Outdoor Blanket is a suitable and cost-effective option for those seeking an alternative to the Rumpl. While it may not provide the same level of warmth or offer as many advanced features, it still performs well and boasts impressive durability.

The blanket is designed with two different sides. On one side, there is a durable ripstop polyester material that is resistant to water. On the other side, there is a soft micro fleece material. You have the option to place the water-resistant side on the ground if you want to relax on the cozy fleece side.

If you like the feeling of a softer material in your blanket, this option might be more suitable for you compared to the Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket, as it offers the advantages of both softness and functionality.

The ALPS Mountaineering Wavelength Blanket is a strong competitor to Rumpl, as it shares many similarities in terms of materials and design. The blanket is constructed with a durable ripstop nylon outer layer and features TechLoft Silver polyester insulation for added warmth.

In contrast to the Rumpl's sleek and smooth polyester exterior, the Wavelength Blanket is made of nylon fabric that has a gentler and more cotton-like texture. While some individuals may find this softer feel preferable, it does make the blanket less durable against dirt, water, pet hair, and snags.

One area where the Rumpl blanket excels compared to the other blanket is in its features. I personally believe that the Rumpl cape clip, which allows you to use it without using your hands, is truly revolutionary.

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket is the ultimate camping blanket for those seeking top-tier performance. It combines the smart features and design of the Original Puffy Blanket with the lightweight and easily portable insulation of down.

The price of this blanket is approximately double that of the synthetic version, however, it provides slightly more warmth, weighs one pound less, and can be packed down to a much smaller size in its roll-top stuff sack.

Are Rumpl Blankets worth the cost?

If you view it as a long-term investment, the durability and aesthetic appeal of a Rumpl puffy blanket make it worthwhile.

What is the appeal of Rumpl blankets to individuals? Rumpl blankets are popular due to their use of specialized materials that make them well-suited for activities such as concerts, picnics, and camping.

Is it possible for a Rumpl to be used as a substitute for a sleeping bag?

A Rumpl can serve as a substitute for a sleeping bag during summer camping trips, but it may not be suitable for high altitude or colder

Is it safe to dry my Rumpl blanket in the dryer? Rumpl blankets are designed to be washed in a washing machine and can also be safely dried in a dryer, specifically on the no heat setting.

Do Rumpl blankets come from China?

Yes, the Rumpl original puffy blanket is manufactured in China using materials that have been recycled.

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