Exploring the Rich Heritage of Bihar Museum in Patna

Exploring the Rich Heritage of Bihar Museum in Patna

Exploring the Rich Heritage of Bihar Museum in Patna

Continents like Asia and Europe, as well as the rest of the world, offer various destinations for holistic living. One such place is Swaswara, located on Om Beach in Gokarna. If you're considering where to stay in Shekhawati, Piramal Haveli is a great option. For luxury travel in a pilgrim's city, Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa is recommended. Experience the Lucknow life with Clarks Awadh. When in Patna, don't miss out on visiting the Bihar Museum, which is located in the heart of the city. This museum is unique due to its design and showcases the history and heritage of Bihar in an engaging way, especially for younger visitors.

Similar to many other museums, this particular one also requires a significant amount of focus and time. However, the positive aspect is that photography is permitted, giving visitors the opportunity to take pictures with the beautiful artifacts.

Here are some notable items that are worth visiting at the Bihar Museum in Patna.

The Didarganj Yakshi, a beautiful sculpture of a female figure holding a Chanvar or whisk, is the most renowned artwork in Bihar. Previously displayed prominently in the Patna Museum, it now maintains its important position at the Bihar Museum.

The object is showcased in the specially designated area on the ground level. Visitors have the opportunity to freely move around it and observe it from various perspectives. The impressive luster of the stone and the harmonious body proportions of the object never fail to inspire a sense of wonder.

I often ponder about the level of beauty that the object being whisked by the whisk holder must possess, considering how beautiful the holder itself is. Unfortunately, we can only speculate about its beauty. The whisk holder is crafted from soft Chunar sandstone and dates back to the era of the Mauryas.

The Bihar Museum is home to various Buddha images. Bihar is a significant place in the life of Buddha, as he spent a majority of his time in this region and achieved enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. It is not surprising to find numerous statues and images of Buddha from different eras in this area.

There are numerous stone and metal sculptures that can be appreciated. Personally, I am particularly fond of the expansive sculpture depicting the Bhumi Sparsh Mudra, also known as the earth touching gesture, which symbolizes the moment of enlightenment. The surrounding scenery in the background effectively recreates the forest environment, transporting you to that specific moment in time.

Metal Standing Buddha statues are a must-see attraction that should not be overlooked.

Learn more about the meaning and significance of narratives in Buddhist art.

The art of Paper Mache is a popular art form in Bihar, among many others. In this particular case, a larger-than-life sculpture of a folk deity known as Matrika has been created using the paper mache technique.

The image depicted in the artwork shows two women standing back to back while holding a child. According to what I was informed, similar images can be observed in the villages of Bihar. However, during my visits to the villages, I did not come across any such images. It is concerning that this custom might be disappearing.

In addition to that, there are wall paintings created using paper mache that have a three-dimensional effect.

Madhubani is known for its unique art form called Mithila Paintings. If you want to learn more about this art style, you can refer to our comprehensive article on Madhubani Paintings. Within this art form, there is a particular type of painting called Kohbar, which is traditionally created during

The Bihar Museum showcases a collection of magnificent paintings in various colors, including red and white. It is an ideal destination to explore the intricate details and symbolism depicted in Kohbar, which represents auspiciousness, prosperity, and fertility.

Experience the grandeur of the Mauryan empire by stepping into the shoes of a royal at Patna, also known as Pataliputra, the empire's capital. The remains of the renowned Sabhagriha or hall can be discovered in Kumrahar, located in present-day Patna. The Bihar Museum aims to recreate this impressive structure to the best of its ability.

There is a throne from the Mauryan period available for you to sit on and have your picture taken. It is a keepsake that you can take with you as a memory.

The Brahmi script is not easily decipherable by most people. It contains enigmatic characters that hold secrets from the past. When we come across this script, it signifies an inscription or message left behind by our ancestors. In a sense, these characters act as capsules that transport us back in time.

There is an impressive wall that allows you to appreciate this intricate design. I am fond of the photograph of me standing beside it.

The ancient Nalanda University, which is now in a state of ruins and made of exposed red brick, has been recreated. During the excavation of the site, numerous statues called Murtis were discovered in the wall niches. These statues are currently being showcased at the ASI Site museum located near the site. Visitors have the opportunity to view old photographs from the excavation period.

The Bihar Museum has reconstructed the niches and displayed both replicas and original Murtis within them. This allows visitors to easily imagine and experience how Nalanda looked in the past. I have fond memories of the stunning Vishnu Murtis made of shiny polished stone.

In Bihar, the practice of worshipping the sun is deeply rooted. The state is unique in that it is the only place where Chhath Puja, a festival dedicated to the sun, is still celebrated. Throughout Bihar, numerous temples dedicated to the sun can be found.

In certain villages, statues of the sun god, Surya Murtis, have been discovered either in village ponds or through accidental excavations. A collection of impressive Surya Murtis can be viewed at the Bihar Museum located in Patna.

I have a vivid memory of a large sculpture depicting the Sun riding in a chariot pulled by seven horses. One can recognize the Surya Murti sculpture by observing a male figure holding two fully bloomed lotus flowers in its hands. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of oversized gum boots and the depiction of the seven horses.

In addition to the sculptures, you can also take a look at the life-size Matrikas made of stone on the first floor.

Get Familiar with the Archaeological Map of Bihar

Bihar holds the distinction of being one of the ancient regions of India that has been inhabited consistently throughout history. It was known as Magadha and Anga during the time of the Mahabharata, and later became the renowned city of Pataliputra under the Mauryan dynasty. Bihar also housed prestigious educational institutions such as Nalanda, Vikramashila, and Odantpuri.

This region holds a rich historical past that is concealed within its various layers. A visually appealing map portrays the numerous archaeological sites located in Bihar. It provides a detailed representation of the process followed during archaeological excavations. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the tools used by archaeologists and gain knowledge about the typical artifacts discovered, such as coins, tools, and pottery.

I found this particular section to be highly informative and visually engaging.

Madhubani paintings, which are widely associated with Bihar, are considered the symbol of this region on a global scale. During my visit to the Bihar Museum, I was delighted to witness animated versions of these traditional artworks. As I stood in front of the panels displaying digital paintings, they came to life and moved, providing a unique and immersive experience.

Gently, the music that is connected to the scene plays from the speakers located above. During my visit, there was a large group of people surrounding the area, which made it challenging to fully appreciate the music. Nevertheless, I believe it is an excellent method to gain insights into the culture of Bihar.

In addition to that, there are various other attractions at the Bihar Museum where you can explore a wide range of art forms from Bihar, including Manjusha, Seekhi art, and terracotta carvings.

The Wildlife of Bihar exhibit showcases dioramas depicting the diverse wildlife found in Bihar. I found the map highlighting the various wildlife species particularly interesting. It would be great if there are proper tourism facilities in those areas to allow visitors to witness the wildlife in their natural habitat.

The children's section at this place effectively captivates kids through innovative and imaginative

The Bihar Museum showcases the tools and artifacts that were essential for commerce in the region throughout history. It offers a glimpse into the coins, traded items, and the lives of traders in Bihar. The museum also features an interesting display of unique weights and measures.

If you are in Patna, make sure to visit the Bihar Museum as it is conveniently located in the central area and is easily noticeable.

To fully experience it, it is recommended to allocate a minimum of a few hours, although dedicating an entire day would be most preferable.

Inside the museum, there is a dining establishment where visitors have the option to enjoy a traditional dish called Litti Chokha.

To obtain additional information, please refer to the museum's website and check out the map provided


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